PA State Emissions Inspection

Brooks Huff Tire & Auto Centers Pennsylvania locations are certified State Emissions Inspections location for Passenger and Light Truck classification vehicles.  We have personnel on staff authorized to deliver waivers for your vehicles’ Emissions Inspection.
Your yearly emissions inspection can be performed up to two months before the date on your windshield sticker expires.  Below is a listing of the included items for your Emissions Inspection.
  • Tailpipe Test
  • Tailpipe with Dynamometer
  • On-Board-Diagnostic (OBD) Test 
  • Visual Inspection

Also available are:

  • New Car Exemptions
  • 5,000 Mile Exemptions
All test fees include the cost of labor for the inspection, but not the cost of parts, repairs or adjustments.  No additional charge shall be made for one re-inspection, if necessary, within 30 days of the original inspection at this station.
Come and visit us for more details or to schedule your next comprehensive Pennsylvania State Emissions Inspection.  We’ll make you glad you did!